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Southbury Sports and Spine Chiropractic is your destination for top-tier sport-focused chiropractic care in Southbury, Connecticut.

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Southbury Sports and Spine Chiropractic is your top-tier sports-oriented chiropractic care in Southbury, Connecticut. We specialize in optimizing athletic performance, relieving sports-related discomfort, and enhancing your overall physical vitality. With a strong commitment to personalized treatment and cutting-edge methods, we are here to help.


Distinguished by a commitment to going beyond traditional chiropractic care, our practice merges expertise in psychology with a lifetime of athletic experience. This distinctive blend allows us to offer a unique perspective on pain management and performance enhancement. Discover a holistic approach that transcends the ordinary, tailored to empower you on your journey.

Our lifelong dedication to athletics fuels our deep understanding of sports injuries, guiding us to effective treatment. Our experience extends to working with NFL players and Professional Soccer Athletes, as well as clients of diverse ages and athletic stages. Our holistic approach, seamlessly blends neuromuscular, exercise, and sports psychology with functional anatomy, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach



Unlock wellness. Our team prioritizes your health with personalized, non-invasive treatments, promoting pain relief and holistic well-being. 




Optimize athletic performance with Athlete Prehab. Our targeted approach prevents injuries and enhances physical function, ensuring you perform at your best.




Revitalize your athleticism with Athlete Rehab. Our specialized rehabilitation targets injuries, promoting recovery and restoring peak performance.


Injury Prevention. We can help prevent many injuries before they happen. We can identify a movement restriction that leads to future overuse injury and potential pain. While we can never fully eliminate injuries from sports due to its unpredictability, we can make the risks as minimal as possible.

Improved speed and movement output. Improving movement efficiency through chiropractic care enhances adaptability and range of motion of the muscles and joints of your body. When we increase these things, we increase our overall physical capabilities. Chiropractic care combined with developmental exercises (weights, bodyweights, bands, etc.) and a lifting program can enhance every aspect of an athlete’s health on and off the playing field.

Secondary Skill development. All athletes develop skills within their movement capabilities. Compensating for movement restrictions and weaknesses limits the athlete from performing that skill. By improving movement quality and adaptability, generating more tissue resilience, and removing restrictions, we can create a more solid foundation on which to develop those skills.


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